Kings and Queens

Have you ever envied a culture which is yours?

Travel to the past with me,

Joyful and always filled with laughter

Family sitting under that sunset

Grandparents telling their grandchildren tales

Those same tales that are our life lessons

Like the notes that tie a rope together, a family holds not just you but your heart and soul.

I envy it sometimes because I did not get that opportunity

You heard the mother say;

“Girl, carry that water pot,

Boy, hold your bow and arrow tightly

Your family depends solely on you.”

“Mother, help me root the yam.

Father, the men wait on you up on top of the mountain.”

The brown soil,

The green hills and mountains,

The blue waters from the lakes and rivers.

The children play on that soil,

Families lay under that blinded sun,

Lovers from all corners of the world come for cruises,

When the foreigners come,

The kings and queens stand to welcome them,

With warm smiles brighter than the first light of the sun

And loud singing of joy.

Flowers of all colors carried by the princes and princesses

Representing the rainbow of Rwanda.

Do you realize how beautiful my culture is?

The clothes, the silk that covers our bodies,

We look slick with that silk,

Forming the world’s most beautiful women- my mother

Look at me, am I not beautiful?

Those queens, the movements in the dance

Majestic, tranquil and astonishing,

Resemble the movement of the cows.

Yes, you heard right, COWS!

Call us old fashioned and ancient,

Our most valued valued possession-my father.

The feet stamp to the beats of our hearts,

The arms move to the voices that flow within our veins,

Do you realize how beautiful my culture is?

Children stand at the mountain and scream-Like I am

Speaking of our great nation,

Having their parents in tears,

Yes, those tears of joy, of motivation

Representing the hard work that has me overseas

Acquiring world class education

Sustaining the culture and singing of our vision

Do you see how beautiful MY culture is?

Oh, my kings and queens

I am a queen because I have learned to respect myself

Settling for nothing but the best

Stooping low for nothing but always pushing up the stairs,

I am a king because I have learned the beauty behind self reliance.

Yes, I am a girl who is a king,

Relying on no one, climbing to the top of the mountain

I protect my family and hold up the spear myself

I wait on no man to roll in for the rescue, my father taught me

I am a woman king,

Without a KINGdom but a QUEENdom.

It may sound like a fight when I say I love you

But it is because our strength prevails from our language

But the beauty is,

With the millions of people in that dot country in the east of Africa,

We speak ONE language like no other African country,

We have ONE tribe like no other African country.

Yes, half the land is covered in grave yards

but those are scars that remind us of where we were and where we want to be.

Dance my queens, Sing my kings,

For you have not walked on flowers but on thorns,

You have sang at the sound of thunder

And sailed not in rhythmic tides but in storms.

You are my queens and kings

Rising tougher and more beautiful,

Look at me, Am I not beautiful?

Stronger than rocks

More beautiful than the reflection in clear waters.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying my country is perfect

We have killers roaming within us,

Our economy has its disputes and mistakes.

We have rebellious children like everyone

We look like you with little shorts and skirts,

Not for fashion but because people it is below the equator

For geographical clarification, equator sums up HEAT!

We have tattoos and piercings

Some for culture, others for trends.

But what makes us queens and kings

We have not only one pole for a flag,

Rwanda is covered with blue, green and yellow roses,

Yes, those roses do not exist in other places,

That is my point people!

Rwandans; our passion and patriotism is not regular.

Our eyes see beyond today,

Our lips know and speak of nothing but hope,

Our hands touch and all turns GOLD

Our hearts flow with the desire to be

Known for what we are not who we are,

Where we are and not where we were,

Not by the actions of our ancestors but achievements of our youth.

We stand tall and firm,

We will walk till our feet  are sore,

When we are tired, we will push each other,

Crawl with our bleeding feet until everyone has heard of our great nation.

Until we teach every post-war country that you do not have to strive to be like the west,

The west is not the only example,

Look at the small country, who 20 years ago burnt to ash

And now stands in victory.

Yes, we hold the future in our hands.

Now, Dance my kings and Sing my Queens,

For we have reason to,

If we stand and sleep on golden land.

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