The roots

               It’s been two centuries,

Since my ancestors started their talk of PAN AFRICANISM

In desperate desire to remind US,

That no one can take away OUR dignity,

To remind US,

That we are MORE than mines and FIELDS.

And two centuries later,


You can research all you want,

On my ancestors definition of it,

But I’ll do you the honor of knowing MINE

I promise you you’re not the first one to hear it,

Not because I haven’t told anyone else,

But for some “unknown” reason MY generation of AFRO’s view and experience isn’t necessary

So OUR definition didn’t make it on Wikipedia

In fact, to the media, I don’t think WE exist.


I am-

The echo that bounces back within les milles collines

The walking beauty of the Ugandan cranes

The reflection of purity of the blue waters of the Congo

The space between the ground and every Masai jump

The veins of every warrior that fought behind Shaka Zulu

The sharp edge of every Egyptian pyramid

Every beat of the Burundian drum

The radiation of every trapped ray of sunshine within different shades of BLACK

The result of every African queen

*I think now you know more countries in Africa than you knew before you came in so you’re welcome*

I am culture,

From its roots to its branches

From its brown skinned inhabitants to its green surroundings

I am-

The dry taste of every dehydrated mouth

The rough skin of every HIV patient

The tear that drops at every collision of bullet and body

The hunger of every corrupt leader

I am every whiplash on slaves back

I am everything ugly and questionable

Yet everything beautiful and enviable

This is MY Pan-Africanism.

But just because there exists a term,

To define the attempt to unite all Afro descendants

Is not an excuse to call Africa a country,

Or forget our differences as often as you remember our similarities.

It’s just particularly interesting,

That many visuals suggest Africa as a unit

Yet constantly emphasize its failure to pan Africanism.

NO, Pan Africanism is not a synonym for Africa the country.

It goes far beyond the borders of Africa

To bring together the AFRO within and abroad

To put back together the pieces that were once divided

To redefine what it means when one says

“A BLACK swan”

“A BLACK angel”

“A BLACK doll”

To REMIND us that black is strong and capable

Courageous and knowledgeable


NEVER to apologize for who we are

That the beauty in home

Is in accepting that it is not heaven

But in realizing that YOU can make it one

By redefining what the “tell-lies-vision”

(I mean television)

By speaking louder every time you are silenced

By embracing the dirt

And by reminding everyone that for every death there is a LIFE

By realizing, acknowledging, and embracing that

YOU are the AFRICAN in pan AFRICANism

By knowing that you are 21st Kwame Nkrumah,

The 21st Martin Luther King,

The 21st Jomo Kenyatta,

The 21st Du Bois.

It’s been two centuries,

And I am standing here doing exactly what my ancestors did


How much more Pan African can I get?

The colors of the PanAfricanist flag
The colors of the PanAfricanist flag

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