Twahisemo- “We chose”

#Twahisemo is a campaign that started in Rwanda, a country in East Africa. Due to it’s journey of recovery from the 1994 genocide, the government of Rwanda has acknowledged that every citizen of Rwanda has contributed to its development.

Rwandans, as their president said « We chose to stay together. We chose to be accountable to ourselves. We chose to think big… » This is what has built the nation of Rwanda, from ruins to now one of Africa’s prides.

The twahisemo campaign started as a way to allow Rwandans to share the choices they have made in order to help Rwanda become a better nation. Rwandans invite the international community to participate in the campaign.

A chance to share what choices you have made, are making and hope to make to make the world a better place.

If Rwanda can achieve this in twenty years, The world can definitely achieve it too.

These are DePauw University students and staff that joined the movement, to show that they believed in the ability of not just Rwandans but the world at large.



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