Candles and therapy

IMG_1140 IMG_1139 IMG_1141 IMG_1142 IMG_1149 IMG_1138

My sisters and I…


Walk and talk soft.

Like the light..


Of a candle.

So gentle…

So fragile…

So pure…

So calm…

Look closer, come closer

Touch our flame…

Feel our bond…

Wrap your arms,

Around our warmth of our sisterhood…


A fire waiting to burst

Out like fireworks

So Beautiful, 

So colorful,

So loud…

So joyous…

You cannot silence us.

When we speak..

Moons make love to suns

Our tongues venom

That allow roses to grow in winters

Our hearts heavy

‘Cause we carry snow storms

During summers

Imagine fireworks…


That is Black womyn…

Every day!


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