The Fake Deeps of Body Positivity

What’s good everyone?! This is more of a casual post than usual.

Now if you are like me, you have been waiting IMPATIENTLY for all this Caribbean festivities to begin because Rihanna! I’m not even a fan of Rihanna like that and I have my reasons. I mean, I will bump to her music if it’s groovy but I’m chilling.

Screenshot 2017-08-07 21.53.10

However, ever since her body transformation, me and Aunty Fenty have been going strong. I love her new look. And YES it is because I see myself in her. I’m a thick Black Afrikan woman and there she is- living her life in total carefree mode. I feel the same way about Mama Mdogo Beyonce. I just feel like her and Riri (that my hip name for Aunty Fenty cause she mad dope), give me so much confidence. It is sad but I’m just looking at the bright side of things. Maybe people will start to see women like that as stunning.

But you know as much as I like Mama Mdogo Beyonce, she used to be hip like Riri but then she got married and now has children. You know how we Black women are. I cannot be the only one who has had aunties and cousins who were cool as hell, and then they get children and their lives change. They become strict- I mean yeah they become parents.

Screenshot 2017-08-07 21.54.23.pngMama Mdogo Beyonce is a personality shifter though, some days she can’t help her hip and other days she reminds me she is grown with 3 children. So, I am here really enjoying her new glorious aura as a thick woman but I relate more to Aunty Fenty because eh yeah I don’t have children. But I know I will be discussing Mama Mdogo Beyonce with my maman.

So anyway, back to what I was telling you. There are very few things I look forward to every year (GoT being #1 and #2). So since my new found appreciation for the existence of Aunty Fenty, I could not wait for the Crop Over Festival in Barbados. Ask me why. You guessed it. I wanted to see how aunty Fenty stuns. And guess what? She really did.

Screenshot 2017-08-07 21.52.37.png
Aunty Fenty, Crop Over 2017

Wow! Yeah!

Despite the thousands of comments about how fat she now looks, how she needs to loose the weight and how she has too much money to be looking like this, Aunty Fenty was really here dancing for the fruits her ancestors have blessed her with. Yes, the Crop Over festival is about harvest. And rightfully so. She has everyone jamming to Wild Thoughts and she played her Harley Quinn persona so well next to Kendrick in Loyalty- we love it. Also, she earned a follow from me. So yes the Bajan ancestors really came in clutch (Word check is racist y’all, it marks Bajan as a misspelling). Anyway, so really she is harvesting while all folks bashing and not minding their businesses IN 2017 are collecting, well, nothing. was no shock that on my work break when I was on Twitter, AUNTY FENTY WAS TRENDING. This was like a second after she uploaded a picture of herself. Wow y’all  really do like my Aunt. Screenshot 2017-08-07 22.39.53.pngBlack women were just so happy. They were here for it. They talked about how it is great to see her celebrating carefree-ly with her thick thighs, not size-zero waist and meat on her arms. It was glorious looking through these tweets, Black Twitter makes me happy in general. And these things I was happy about too. The men, too, were in all glory. Taking about [thick Rihanna >>>>] or [I’m here for thick Rihanna]… you get the gist. Even her useless trashcan of an ex, Chris Brown felt inclined to comment on her Instagram picture. I really told Aunty Fenty to block him- CONTROL YOUR SPACE SIS. but I guess she was busy living her life, she did the blocking in the mind.

But wowwwwwwwwwwwww guess what else was trending? USHER? Why? Because the woman accusing him looked different from what they were expecting- She was a BBW. All her claims were discredited because of her weight. Granted there are other reasons why she is discredited but she was trending (#UsherAccuser) because she was a BBW claiming she got infected by the o-so-incredibly-undeniably-hot Usher. Somehow it seemed like there was no way Usher could have gotten with someone that looked like her- because her weight.

Screenshot 2017-08-07 23.18.54Screenshot 2017-08-07 23.21.34Screenshot 2017-08-07 23.19.09

Then I was confused. I was like what a coincidence that both Aunty Fenty and this young woman were trending, and we were talking about their bodies. I was really confused and homegirl in tweet below beat me to it and she tweeted:Screenshot 2017-08-07 22.53.05.png

If you out here praising Aunty Fenty for her body, talking about she lit, looks like a snack and to other a whole meal (I hate this shit btw but im chilling for today- cant be complaining about the entire world today), then you say Quantasia is fat and ugly, YOU A FAKE PRO-THICK/ PRO-WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU THINK YOU SAYING- IZZOL A LIE. You the hotep in the body positivity movement. If you are going to glorify Rihanna and call Danielle Brooks ugly, YOU A SCAM. If you will applaud Rihanna and then bash Dascha Polancho, You a HOAX. If you got friends and they not calling you out, get new friends cause they letting you be trash.


If looking at Vanessa Noir, Lesego Legobane or Yoliswa  Mqoco from the above pictures makes you uncomfortable, if your body positivity does not include women like them and only women like Aunty Fenty, it does not work like that.


Also, let me catch you before you think…  it is not preference for Aunty Fenty. No honey, IT IS FAT SHAMING. You are not for these women if you claiming this. And stage 1 of unlearning it is understanding that you is fat shaming and holding yourself accountable.

People need to quit this act that they are for body positivity when really its either you have a big ass and no waist, big boobs and ass and nothing else, you can have thick thighs but not too thick and THEY HAVE TO BE TONED, they can’t be “FAT”- this is simply adding more unhealthy and very rarely realistic standards for women. This is how you find women getting sick from using damaging waist trainers or that cleansing tea that all celebrities be advertising. It’s unhealthy sis, don’t do it! Being thick comes in various ways/ levels and yours is beautiful too.

I think I’m done!I wonder if Bajans have something like Isombe and Ugali or Pilau or Jollof..I hope Aunty Fenty is enjoying the equivalent of these. Let me now go finish my third donut of the day.


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