What the pastor had to say about my abusive relationship.

It is a story about the lives of each prior to, during and after their relationships with each other. The women are victims of domestic violence and both seek help from the church.


The Power and Significance of Afrikan Goddesses

I think if you read my blogs by now you know I am all things Afrika! So… Story time! This past semester I took a course called “Feminist theory” and you can imagine we talked about a lot of depressing things covered in equality and oppression. I had decided that I was going to have positive vibes …

Reclaiming our identities through names: from Inès to Amata

{there is beauty. rhythm. songs. respect. dignity. pride. history. struggle. resistance. in my mother tongue. everything i forget when i borrow the white man’s language.} All transitions are hard. Nothing concerning change is easy. I know this because ever since I decided to, well not change, more like take on another name, it has been …