Rwanda ni’Nziza, but who can afford to enjoy it?

Basic example of the effects of colonisation. You are robbed of your culture in its entity. Your history wont be taught in the education system, your language wont be preferred to foreign language, your money wont have value. YOU WONT MATTER. #21centurycolonisation

Sunny Ntayombya

Back in the late 1990’s, back when Rwanda Broadcasting Agency was Television Rwandaise, there was a song that was played right after the television opened each day at around 5pm.

It was a catchy music video that they played with the lyrics going something like, and please forgive my Kinyarwanda, ‘Genda Rwanda uri’nziza…” (Rwanda you are beautiful).

The vastly overpriced Paradis Malahide hotel is an foreign favourite. Their POS doesn't accept Rwandan Francs The vastly overpriced Paradis Malahide hotel is an foreign favourite. Their POS doesn’t accept Rwandan Francs

Lovely images accompanied this music video, showing the lovely hills, lakes, flora and fauna in the country. Single-handedly, this video made me fall in love with my country, a love I have up to today. Whenever I have a little extra cash in my pocket I jump on a bus and travel to my two favorite spots in the country, Huye and Rubavu.

With a few friends in tow, I drove to Rubavu this weekend and spent…

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Twahisemo- “We chose”

#Twahisemo is a campaign that started in Rwanda, a country in East Africa. Due to it’s journey of recovery from the 1994 genocide, the government of Rwanda has acknowledged that every citizen of Rwanda has contributed to its development. Rwandans, as their president said « We chose to stay together. We chose to be accountable to …

Strength in the Struggle

Kera Kera cyane Habayeho wowe Habaho njewe Habaho twebge   Batubgira bati Wowe GAHUTU Wowe Gatutsi Nawe Gatwa Nuko, biratangira Turatandukana    Turangana Tutangira gusenyana Tusengya imitima  Tusenya Ingo Tusenya Imiryango Tusenya Ubushuti Tusenya Igihugu  Bamwe muri twe turicana Bamwe muri twe turapfa  Abandi barahunga Twese, tusigarana agahinda   With broken hearts No homes, no …

Kings and Queens

Have you ever envied a culture which is yours? Travel to the past with me, Joyful and always filled with laughter Family sitting under that sunset Grandparents telling their grandchildren tales Those same tales that are our life lessons Like the notes that tie a rope together, a family holds not just you but your …

The roots

               It’s been two centuries, Since my ancestors started their talk of PAN AFRICANISM In desperate desire to remind US, That no one can take away OUR dignity, To remind US, That we are MORE than mines and FIELDS. And two centuries later, I am STILL preaching PAN-AFRICANISM. You …