The privilege in learning an oppressed group’s native tongue

What is the point of learning a dying language? It creates dependency and furthers the white savior mentality.


The entertainment industry as a tool of empowerment: a closer look at the Miss Rwanda competition

I have stayed away from discussing this topic, however, over the Winter I found myself engaging in various conversations with numerous Rwandan diaspora and them expressing their opinions and frustrations with the Miss Rwanda contest. Plus, the competition is like on going and its about to be booming. Before I continue, I want to remind everyone …

Reclaiming our identities through names: from Inès to Amata

{there is beauty. rhythm. songs. respect. dignity. pride. history. struggle. resistance. in my mother tongue. everything i forget when i borrow the white man’s language.} All transitions are hard. Nothing concerning change is easy. I know this because ever since I decided to, well not change, more like take on another name, it has been …